About Us


Ms. Akku Jacob
(Moring Shift Co-ordinator)

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school"

Albert Einstein

At THHS we believe that children must be taught how to think, not what to think. THHS provides an inclusive environment where students are encouraged to put their best foot forward to achieve academic, sporting and social excellence.

Students are provided with platforms in the form of various inter class, inter house and inter school competitions where not only the inborn talents of the child is polished to shine but also build confidence and help enhance their personality.

Our education program includes creative thinking, critical thinking,leadership qualities and creating an innovative mind for a lifelong learning.

Ms. Srilata Kamble
(Head of Examination Department & Afternoon Shift Co-ordinator)


More than 15 years, I have been fostering interdisciplinary learning and teaching according to national curriculum standards.

Key factors of being successful in the field of education is my continuous Upgradation of Content Knowledge, Communication, Cooperation and Consultation with school staff and parents/guardians towards the student's bright future.

Mrs. Aparna Rudrapati
(Pre-primary Co-ordinator)

A highly organized and meticulous-oriented Pre-primary Coordinator with extensive experience in education. Proven ability to manage multiple projects and lead successful initiatives in the classroom and beyond. Effectively conduct, manage, supervise various events. The main moto of me is to provide professional leadership and management in order to secure high quality teaching.

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