About Us

General Information

  • Welcome to Tree House High School. We hope that parents and prospective pupils will find our school a welcoming environment. Tree House School is distinguished by its unique approach and value towards learning and its commitment to providing quality education. We measure our performance by our student’s excellence in academics and co-curricular activities.
  • Along with the pursuit of academic excellence, our thrust is on a value-based education, one that puts a premium on values such as compassion, humility, respect, integrity and discipline.
  • We appreciate that selecting the right educational environment for your child is an all-important foundation for life-long success. Our school is founded on a commitment to enable all learners to fulfil their potential and we constantly seek to raise student aspirations and achievement.
  • We take seriously our obligation to prepare young people to take their place in an evolving world where not only results, but also character and personal integrity matter. Our aim is to stimulate in our students a love of learning and a thirst for achievement in all its forms.
  • Our school has great pride in its students and their many achievements within our school and the surrounding community. We are totally committed to providing an environment that is stimulating, supportive and academically stretching; which also develops the whole person through a wide range of opportunities and activities.
  • At Treehouse High School we believe in supporting the student’s social and emotional development. We are proud of the harmonious relationships and mutual respect between students and staff. Our comprehensive transition and induction programmes enable students to settle in quickly and help them to feel safe and secure.
  • We look forward to working with you and your child. We also welcome any questions and visits to see our school in action.
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