About Us

Why choose Tree House High School

At THHS we enjoy good facilities and offer our students and their families an educational experience that challenges them to achieve excellence in a nurturing, supportive environment. We are very proud indeed of our students and look forward to give back what we owe to our country with our vibrant and dynamic school.

We believe in firm discipline. This is based on respect for people and property.

Qualified and experienced teachers, Highly intensive academic curriculum, Academic challenges Olympiads in various subjects, NSTSE, ASSET and Homi Bhabha. Enough interactive study time, Personalized learning experience, Regular personal assessment, Management personalised monitoring, Regular PTMs and Parent orientations

Unique features

1. Affiliation to ICSE New Delhi Child friendly spacious classrooms and Infrastructure Separate and Safe Kindergarten area.
2. Classroom cabinets Ideal student Teacher ratio Sufficient indoor and outdoor activities Professionally qualified and dedicated    staff.
3. Magnificent In-house Auditorium and AV Halls.
4. Dual Shift Option Nutritious food in Canteen School transportation facility Infirmary with an experienced medical assistant 24X7   CCTV surveillance School App and SMS system for better communication

Visit us anytime and feel the buzz that envelops the school.

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